Q. What ages is this exam guide aimed at?

A. All ages and levels of study! Everyone can benefit from the techniques described in The Holy Grail of Exam Success.


Q. Only 1 hour you say, really?!

A. YES! If you read at a moderate speed, you can finish the guide in one hour (or finish listening to it in just over an hour) and start using the techniques described in the guide straight away. Time is precious when you're a student, and this guide was written 100% with students in mind. I should know, because until very recently I was one.


Q. What can I expect from this guide?

A. A unique, 5-step strategy based on a combination of scientifically proven techniques and the author's own experiences and research. The techniques described in the guide are remarkably easy to apply and, once armed with the knowledge contained therein, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.


Q. Why has nobody written an 'holistic' exam guide like this before (until now)?

A. I have absolutely no idea (!), and this is precisely why I wrote The Holy Grail of Exam Success. As such, this truly is the only exam guide of its kind. 'Unique' is a word that is bandied around all too often these days, but in this case there is no better description.


Q. What formats is this exam guide available in?

A. The holy trinity : paperback, kindle AND audiobook.


Q. I don't have a Kindle e-reader device, so how am I able to take advantage of the low Kindle price of £1.99/$2.99?/€2.99?

A. This is one of the biggest misconceptions of them all! If you're reading this on a device of any kind (be it a laptop, tablet, phone, etc.), then you have a Kindle device. Simply download the Kindle app or software and you'll be able to read the guide on your device.


Q. Where can I buy this exam guide?

A. From this website, Amazon and iTunes (and other 3rd party vendors).


Q. I live outside the UK and can't buy the paperback on Amazon, help!

A. You can now buy the paperback direct from this website, boom! And you know what? Not only is it a whole lot cheaper if you do so, but you'll also get a copy signed by the author. Now how's that for customer service?


Q. Why is the paperback version of the guide so expensive on Amazon?!

A. Because Amazon requires a 60% (gulp) discount when you sell paperbacks through them, leaving a tiny profit margin (when the costs of printing and shipping are taken into account). We're literally talking pennies here.


Q. Why is the audiobook version of the guide priced differently on Amazon, iTunes, etc.?

A. Because unfortunately I have no control over the pricing of the audiobook, which is set by ACX, the audiobook division of Amazon. However, I would recommend buying the audiobook from iTunes, since this is where it's cheapest!


Q. I would like to buy a large number of copies (for a school, etc.). Is a quantity discount available?

A. Absolutely. For purchases of 10 copies or more, please send an email to charliecazalet@hotmail.com so that a discount can be arranged.


Q. I don't have an Amazon, iTunes or PayPal account. How can I buy the guide?

A. No problem! Click on the 'Buy Now' button on the homepage of this website, and click 'Pay with a debit or credit card' (bottom right of your screen on the PayPal page). Not bad, eh?


Q. How are shipping charges calculated on this website?

A. Shipping charges are calculated as a percentage of the sale price. This percentage accurately reflects a fairly linear increase in shipping costs as the weight of a package increases (i.e. if you're buying 3 copies, 5 copies, etc.). It's relatively cheap to ship within the UK, rather less cheap to ship inside Europe, and positively expensive to ship outside Europe, therefore this is reflected in the shipping charge that you'll pay. The bottom line is that regardless of where you live, if you want to buy a paperback version of the guide, buy it through this website, because it'll be more than 30% cheaper than on Amazon UK, and very significantly cheaper than on any non-UK Amazon website.


Q. How long will my paperback copy take to ship to me?

A. Once you've placed your order, we'll endeavour to get your paperback to you as soon as possible. Delivery will likely take around 2-3 working days if you live in the UK, and 5-15 working days if you live outside the UK. Just occasionally there may be no one at this end to answer delivery requests, for example if everyone at the MLC Publishing office is on holiday. You'll receive an email notifying you if this is the case, and we'll do our very best to get your copy to you as soon as possible regardless.


Q. Why haven't I seen or heard about this exam guide anywhere else, apart from (most likely) YouTube?

A. Because advertising, whether online or elsewhere, is incredibly expensive! Right now, apart from a very small advertising campaign on Amazon, the guide is relying on word of mouth to reach a larger audience. And that's where you come in, so PLEASE spread the word far and wide and tell everybody you can - I'm counting on you!


Q. I have a question or a problem. Who can I contact?

A. Email me directly at charliecazalet@hotmail.com - I'd be delighted to answer your query and excellent customer service is of the utmost importance to me.